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With its decadent architecture and beautiful art, Vienna makes a great sightseeing destination.  The city centre is compact and easy to navigate and, thanks to spacious boulevards and quiet streets, it's a pleasure to explore on foot.
Priceless art, gorgeous mid-century designs, lavish palaces : if you are looking for a luxury holiday, Vienna welcomes you with widespread arms. 
With its inexpensive bars and cafes, the city caters for wallet watchers also.  Whatever you can afford, spend your holiday counting Klimt's masterpieces in the Belvedere Palace and Secession Building or scooping up strudel and ice cream at Cafe Central!
Austria's capital city is one of the most romantic of European cities, with its cobbled streets, wood panelled bistros and charming coffee houses. 
Today, the city is also becoming increasingly famous for its contemporary art and cutting edge building design.  This contrary combination fuses new age innovative style with age old tradition and is why Vienna has maintained its position as one of Europe's most coveted destinations.
Two lucky audience members will receive a 5 day all expenses paid holiday in Vienna during December 2022! 
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If you buy one ticket to a concert, you receive one free entry. 
Two tickets receive four free entries and six tickets, ten free entries.